Fundraiser for Marine Corps League
After a successful fundraiser hosted by Auroveda and Access Health Care Physicians, LLC, so many US veterans of the Marine Corps League- Spring Hill Detachment #708 benefited from generous donations that contributed to building renovation and assistance programs for veterans and their families.
Feed the Needy
There are thousands of needy families who don’t have access to food or water, which is why Auroveda has joined the IIP Foundation to make strides in feeding the hungry. With your help, we’ve been able to provide up to a 45-days supply of groceries to over 5,000 needy families throughout India!
Om Grown Community Garden
The Om Grown Community Garden doesn’t just provide organically-grown fruits and vegetables to members of your community–it also encourages healthy living by teaching natural agricultural practices that enrich the environment.
Atmanirbhar Bharat & Adarsh Project
By providing equipment and teaching valuable skills, Auroveda and the IIP Foundation have made it possible for oppressed women to build better futures for themselves and their children.
People Helping People
People Helping People, a charitable organization in Spring Hill, Florida, provides assistance to local individuals and families of all ages. Generous donations continue to make it possible for them to provide assistance programs that help feed, clothe, educate, and provide medical care for needy members of the community.
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