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100% of your donations go toward enriching the community with sustainable gardening
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The OM Grown Garden at WellCome OM Healing Center in Spring Hill, Florida provides sustainable gardening education while providing the community with naturally-grown food.
The OM Grown Garden provides a model for earth-friendly agricultural practices that benefit everyone–including local charities. A portion of the organically-grown fruits and vegetables is donated to local charities, so that underprivileged families receive proper nutrition.
Auroveda is proud to contribute to the OM Grown Community Garden, which encourages families throughout the community to gather and learn the skill of organic gardening. Not only does this bring the community together for a greater cause, but it also teaches sustainable and all-natural methods for growing nutritious food, which benefit everyone!

Growth Beyond the Garden
Gardening promotes healthy lifestyles and brings all families together, regardless of demographic or financial status. We are proud to be a part of a wholesome program that not only benefits local families, but also the environment.
The Power of Produce
When you choose to donate to the OM Grown Community Garden through Auroveda, not only do you continue to make it possible for us to provide a great portion of fresh, organic produce to local charities, but 100% of your contributions also go toward enriching local families and helping the environment.
Planting the seeds for a more sustainable future
This program supports sustainable living by:
  • Educating the community on natural and organic farm practices
  • Enriching the environment with earth-friendly agricultural practices
  • Cultivating nutrient-rich soil to grow the highest-quality produce
  • Donating a portion of rich and healthy produce to local charities
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Bringing families and community members together
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