Feed the Needy!

There are thousands of needy families who don’t have access to food or water, which is why Auroveda has joined the IIP Foundation to make strides in feeding the hungry. With your help, we’ve been able to provide up to a 45-days supply of groceries to over 5,000 needy families throughout India!s
There are so many people who unfortunately lack access to basic human needs for survival, such as shelter and food, so Auroveda has joined with the IIP Foundation to step forward and help the needy.

As a not-for-profit organization, IIP Foundation has contributed food to nearly 5,550 needy families in Nadia and Bankura of West Bengal; Jhanjan in Jodhpur Rajasthan; and to Adarsh Nagar Delhi.
With your generous donations, we aspire to help even more needy families. Our kind volunteers are ready to prepare and distribute packages of 30-45 days supply of groceries to less fortunate families. 100% of the money will go directly toward supplies and groceries to help families throughout India in a desperate time of need.


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