What We Do

Auroveda believes that no one, regardless of economic status or location, should be denied basic human rights. Help us deliver a better tomorrow to those who need it most by contributing to our 5 life-changing causes. When you donate to Auroveda, our operational expenses are covered by private donors, so that 100% of your donations go toward your chosen cause.
Support the Refugees in India
Forced migration is a global phenomenon that is on the rise due to conflicts, discrimination, and war. This leaves millions of families stripped of their basic human rights. Now, we have the power to change that.
Empower Underprivileged Women & Children
Many women and children live in constant fear of being abducted, abused, or sold for labor. Together, we have the power to provide resources that give women and children the chance to escape this reality.
Create Brighter Futures With Vocational Training
So many young and brilliant minds aren’t able to reach their maximum potential due to economic status or location. With your help, we continue to provide relevant skills to brighten the futures of impoverished families.
Give the Gift of Health
Imagine not being able to receive preventive care or being denied access to treatment at medical facilities due to your financial status. This happens every day to infants, adolescents, adults, and seniors who are in desperate need of care. Fortunately, there’s a solution…
Support Sustainable Living
One of the most effective ways to strengthen a community is to invest in it. Promoting sustainable living practices while cultivating fresh, organic produce for local charities is a creative and impactful way to give back, and you can be a part of it…
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