Clothes Distribution Drive for the Pakistani Hindu Refugees

AUROVEDA is a nonprofit organization that puts all its efforts and energy into empowering those who are underprivileged, such as rehabilitating refugees. Our objective is to foster a united community that finds safety and comfort within each other. In the past we have undertaken several initiatives to provide relief to those suffering in our immediate surroundings. One such endeavor has been the ‘Feed The Needy’ campaign. In an ambitious attempt we were able to provide food to upto 5,000 families in India.

We truly believe that everyone, regardless of their economic status and demographics  is entitled to basic human rights. As we become more aware about the injustices that surround us, we continue to strive and develop blueprints that could witness even a glimpse of change. One cause that we feel strongly about is the growing refugee crisis in India. Forced migration continues to be a global phenomenon that is on the rise due to oppression, discrimination, and war. It is easy to underestimate the daily struggles of those living in such conditions. Roughly 2 million refugees have been forced to relocate to India. They have been stripped of the most basic human rights and necessities such as food and shelter. Even still, they have managed to create a makeshift home within themselves, miles away from the one they left behind.


In an attempt to aid this cause, in our most recent project, we reached out to help the Pakistani Hindu refugees in October, 2022. The Pakistani Hindu refugees moved to India with hopes of securing their lives here. They have been living in tents at Adarsh Nagar colony, New Delhi. However, all their hopes were shattered when the center halted the execution of the Citizenship Amendment Act and their status has been stagnant ever since.


While we may not have complete say in the current situation, we can continue to try and provide comfort to these refugees who only ever seeked to find a safe haven. We held a clothes distribution drive, which turned out to be a bigger success than we could have even imagined. We continue to remain grateful to those who decided to show their support and joined us to fulfill  this cause. Clothes are a simple act of kindness that impacts the lives of those who do not have the luxury of it deeply. One thing that stood out for us was the extreme bliss and child-like joy we witnessed among their faces. It is moments like this that keeps the zeal of supporting the underprivileged section of society.


At Auroveda Operating Foundation Charitable Trust, 100% of your donations go towards life-changing projects like this one. As more privileged citizens, we have the power to help refugees all over the world. We aim to expand our endeavor and aim to elevate the quality of their lives through whichever means possible. As we grow, we appreciate you staying on this journey with us and making an impact in your own way.

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