Dr. Sharma’s Story

Dr. Sharma is an Ayurvedic doctor with 20 years of medical experience under his belt. He has been working at the Auroveda Health Center in Jaipur for about a year and a half. Here he shares with us his story of treating those who cannot afford standard medical care.
Dr. Sharma is a soft spoken man who cares intensely for his patients. He is a highly skilled Ayurvedic doctor who believes strongly in the efficacy of natural cures.
At the Auroveda Health Center, Dr. Sharma provides free consultation daily to patients who come with a variety of illnesses. From kidney stones to Chikungunya to cardiac malfunctions to liver-related issues, Dr. Sharma has treated all forms of medical conditions using his expertise in Ayurveda.
Having worked at Auroveda for a year and a half now, Dr. Sharma feels a deep sense of contentment since he gets to use his medical knowledge to help those who are unable to seek professional help outside due to lack of monetary resources.
In addition to the free consultation, Auroveda has a stock of over one hundred and seventeen types of costly medicines that are handed out to patients who need them without any charge.
Dr. Sharma states that there are four basic factors that contribute to the effectiveness of any treatment solution: the doctor, the nurse, the patient, and the medication. All four of these factors work perfectly well together at the Auroveda Health Center, therefore, result in very high patient satisfaction scores.
Dr. Sharma is a blessing to patients who are battling chronic illnesses and come looking for medical support at Auroveda. With a passion for vanquishing the most stubborn illnesses, Dr. Sharma has been successful in helping many people get rid of their suffering, and we are proud to have him as an essential member of the Auroveda team.
This is another illustration of how life-changing donations can be. With 100% of donations going toward the Auroveda Health Center, doctors are able to treat patients with high-quality care, which will result in an abundance of patient success stories.
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