Empower Underprivileged Women & Children

100% of your donations go toward Women & Children Empowerment
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Many women and children face a harsh reality of challenging social and economic conditions that often leave them without basic needs and the constant fear of being abducted, raped, or sold for labor.
By providing training and education, these women and children are able to rewrite a powerful and positive narrative that results in independence, financial stability, and greater self worth.
This program combines traditional and cultural skills with workshops, vocational training, and literacy education, so that women are able to stand on their own to support their families.
By donating to Auroveda (in association with Auromir), 100% of your contributions create opportunities for basic education, skills development, as well as personal care and hygiene that will help restore dignity and strength back to underprivileged women and children who are in desperate need.
Unlock a Child’s Potential
This is an opportunity to give the invaluable potential to deserving women and children. There are so many brilliant minds capable of paving the way to a brighter future, and all they need is the proper education and guidance. Your donations help children with educational programs and resources for emotional and physical care.
Creating With a Purpose
Your donations also make it possible for women to receive certified skills training in the arts (hand embroidery, stitching, patch work, pottery, carpentry, etc.) that will inspire jobs and carry traditions, assistance with hygiene, and the proper tools to achieve emotions and financial independence.
Invaluable Skills for a Brighter Future

Auroveda makes it possible for you to give the gifts of self-worth, emotional stability, and financial independence, which are ultimately priceless. In addition to traditional craft training, other Certified Courses include:

  • Basic Computer Training
  • Typing Classes
  • Written & Spoken Language Education (Hindi and English)
100% of your donations give women the power to learn invaluable skills that allow them to work in a supportive environment and earn a sustainable living to support their families.
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