Mathur’s Story

For Mr. Mathur, there is nothing greater than the honor of his country. For 30 years, he risked his life every day, serving and protecting India’s borders.
After retirement, he looked forward to spending his next years with his family and inspiring the younger strengths in his house with his unflinching devotion to the soil that raised him. Unfortunately, that dream was stripped away after Mr. Mathur was hit by an enemy’s bullet. A blood infection due to the wound led to a five-month-long search for relief, where doctors struggled to properly diagnose it. Hope was almost lost, until Mr. Mathur stumbled upon Auroveda Healing Center with the help of his old-time friend. After being properly diagnosed, Auroveda Healing Center curated a treatment plan for Mr. Mathur that improved his condition by 99%.
He believes that it wasn’t just the medical care that cured him, but also the friendly staff and holistic care that made his journey to recovery much easier. Stories like Mr. Mathurs truly illustrate the impact that donations to Auroveda have on others in need.
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