L. N. Manavtal’s Story

Mr. L.N. Manavtal is a seventy six year old man who has been undergoing treatment for gastric ailments at the Auroveda Health Center, Jaipur. He is being looked after under the supervision of the in-house ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma who has 20 years of rich Ayurvedic experience.
Having trust in his doctor’s treatment plan has made Mr. Manavtal another patient success story at the Auroveda Health Center.
At the Auroveda Health Center in Jaipur, many patients have stories of full recovery to tell.
It is people like Mr. Manavtal who stand as living testimonials for all the hard work put in by the doctors at Auroveda. With a deep rooted passion for public service, these doctors spend their days helping those who have been suffering for years without any relief in sight.
With 100% of donations going toward causes like the Auroveda Health Center, so many underprivileged families are able to get medical care free of cost.
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