Meet Our Inspiration

satya narain

Dr. Satya Narain Singh

(1935 - 2023)

Dr. Satya Narain Singh was a postgraduate in political science, commerce & business management, and Hindi literature with a Ph.D. in social justice.


A prominent youth leader & social worker during his university days, Dr. Singh joined state civil services in 1960. During his service, he converted ideas of governance into actual policy wherever he was posted. Throughout his life, he was an innovator and gave a series of programs for the benefit of the underprivileged.


He sought his happiness in the happiness of his people. He prescribed a code that sought to place the rule of law above the will of the ruler. He brought systemic changes in the organizations he worked for through his methodical approach.


Dr. Singh was well known for his services in maintaining communal peace and was appreciated both by the public and the government. He was considered a competent, honest, and dedicated officer and was widely known as an efficient administrator throughout his career. His contributions towards the betterment of the poor and the removal of untouchability were unique and unparalleled.


In the recent past, he was working towards providing maximum relief to laborers working in mining areas and suffering from occupational lung diseases.

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