Ramesh Ahir’s Story

For Ramesh too, a ganglion cyst on his hand was an undesirable anomaly that needed to be corrected. Unfortunately for Ramesh, who has always been terrified of surgery, most doctors he consulted with recommended an operation to get rid of the unsightly growth.
Ramesh decided to consult with Dr. Gunjan Soni at the Auroveda Health Center, who assured him that alternative treatment was possible to remove the cyst. Miraculously, within just three months of starting treatment at Auroveda Health Center, Ramesh’s cyst shrank in size and is now almost invisible.
There is no limit to his joy today, especially since not only did he forgo an operation, but he met a doctor who is patient, well-mannered and above all, extremely knowledgeable.
Ramesh is so satisfied with the service he has received at Auroveda Health Center that he has encouraged his wife to consult Dr. Soni too for a thyroid disorder that she is suffering from.
Auroveda Health Center aims to help many more people like Ramesh get quality, cost-free medical care, which wouldn’t have been possible at all without the generous donations received through the Auroveda Foundation.
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