100% of your money goes towards running this project

Private donors cover our operating cost so that 100% of your contribution can go directly to development projects
DharmAnsh will work to
  • Provide Equal Rights to Hindus in matters of faith and religion
    • Management of places of worship (Temples & Religious Endowments).
    • Entitlement to various benefits from Govt schemes, plans, scholarships etc.
    • Enabling teaching of traditional Indian knowledge and ancient texts of India in educational institutions.
    • Establishment and administration of educational institutions of their choice without undue interference of Government and its agencies.
  • Enact Freedom of Religion Act to prevent interference in practice and propagation of native Hindu and Indic Traditions, Customs and Rituals.
  • Establish Haindava Samskruti Jeernoddhara Nigam (CPSU), with a seed fund of at least 10,000 Cr for restoration of dilapidated temples and
    architecture for preservation and propagation of Hindu (native Indian) literature, arts, dance forms, culture and traditions.
  • Provide Equal opportunities to all Indian languages.

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