Gift of Health

Ways To Improve India’s Current Healthcare System

COVID-19 gave a reality check to many developing countries, including India, about the worrying state of their healthcare system. Experts call it a red flag and think it is high time India buckles up and works on improving its healthcare facilities rigorously. 

Here are some ways India can strengthen its current healthcare system and create a healthy future for its citizens. 

First things, first. While the government and health organizations need to pay attention, individuals can also contribute to giving the gift of health to the nation. 

Improving Physical Environment

Did you know that around 7 out of 10 hospitals in India lack basic facilities? It includes water, sanitization, energy, waste disposal, and hand hygiene. It impacts the image of the Indian healthcare system on the international podium. Government should join hands with local authorities to ensure 100% availability of these facilities. 

Upgrade Supplies

Around 27% of patients in the country lose their lives yearly due to the lack of medical facilities. It is a red flag for all healthcare institutions in the nation. It is high time the government takes action to update its medical supplies and surgery equipment at the earliest. Better planning is the key to attaining this goal by 2022.

Motivated and Well-Trained Health Workers

Countries like the USA, UK, and Australia have well-trained and highly motivated medical staff. India is lagging in this regard. This is why many rich Indians prefer to travel abroad for their treatments. 

Low pay scales, inadequate employee facilities, and lack of knowledge are the major hurdles in attaining this goal. The government should seriously consider this aspect to improve the current healthcare system in the country.

Concentrate on Patients

India comes in second place for the population in the world after China. This increasing population is creating immense pressure on the healthcare system in India. The result is that doctors cannot give ample time to their patients, which they deserve. Therefore, the government needs to take this issue very seriously and develop viable solutions to comfort the patients and provide 100% effective treatments. 

Decentralize Public Health Services

Centralization of the public health system is also hindering its development in the country. Government should introduce effective decentralization schemes and let private companies step in. 

Donation ensures better sanitation facilities, medical supplies, and advanced treatment options. Apart from this, patients can also enjoy quality medical facilities in the comfort of their cities.

Infrastructural Development

The pandemic proved that India’s healthcare system has been lacking on many fronts, one being the infrastructure. Infrastructure is an essential component that can help achieve the core target of a quality healthcare system. The government should hire experienced contractors who will ensure advanced healthcare infrastructure in every city in the country. Apart from this, inspection committees should also be set up to keep a check on the development of these projects. 

Increase Medical Colleges and Hospitals

Another brilliant way to improve the existing healthcare system of the country is by creating more doctors. And it calls for increasing the number of medical colleges in the nation.

The Medical Council of India should consider increasing the number of MBBS graduate posts in the coming years. Similarly, there is a dire need to develop new hospitals all around the nation. These steps will also help in improving the doctor-patient ratio in India.

These are some ways in which India can significantly improve its healthcare status worldwide. We can build a better nation for all our citizens with unified efforts and perseverance. Here are some psychological tools that you can employ to empower women and children.

Moreover, the Indian government can also collaborate with some of the top NGOs in India and other human rights organizations to bring improvements at the grass-root level. Experts can also take inspiration from other developed and developing countries.

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