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Support Sustainable Gardening With Auroveda

Every lifestyle choice we make impacts the world, people, and wildlife around us. Sustainable living is the process of making better lifestyle choices that make the world a safer and greener place to live for everyone. Sustainable gardening is one of several ways to achieve this.


If you want to contribute toward sustainability, you can connect with Auroveda. 100% of your donations made with Auroveda go toward enriching the community with sustainable gardening.

Benefits of Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening involves using eco-friendly gardening methods. In this process, you limit or avoid your usage of harmful pesticides that can be hazardous to your health, the environment, and other living beings around you.


Though it might seem so, the concept of sustainable gardening is not new. When the planet was filled with family farms, families would grow their own food while sustaining nature and their surrounding environment. At that time, chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers were not available. People would rely on natural resources to produce healthy and nutritious foods.


Sustainable gardening cuts down the usage of excessive chemicals. It also saves money and time involved in gardening. Most importantly, sustainable gardening is beneficial for the planet. Trees die naturally, contributing to the growth of new plants. Soil is not depleted of nutrients and minerals needed for healthy food growth.


Sustainable gardening helps reduce weed spread and limits carbon emissions. It also prevents water pollution up to a great extent because when you do not use additives, they do not get into the water supply.


That is why Auroveda, with OM Grown Garden, is striving to achieve sustainable gardening in today’s era.

How does it work?

The OM Grown Garden at WellCome OM Healing Center in Florida imparts sustainable gardening education. They also grow natural food for the local community.

The Garden sets a unique model for earth-friendly agricultural practices for the welfare and well-being of everyone, including local charities. A portion of naturally-produced fruits and vegetables is donated to local charities. With all these efforts, the OM Grown Garden strives to avail proper nutrition to underprivileged families.


Auroveda proudly contributes to the community and encourages people to learn organic gardening. They together teach sustainable and all-natural methods to grow pesticide-free food that benefits everyone.

Planting Seeds for More Sustainable Living

  • Educate the community on organic and natural farming
  • Protecting the environment with earth-friendly agriculture
  • Preserve nutrient-rich soil to grow the best-quality food
  • Donate rich and healthy produce to local charities
  • Bringing people together
  • Promoting a healthy and natural lifestyle

If you want to contribute to sustainable living or sustainable gardening, donate with Auroveda.

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