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Aurobindo Ashram- Delhi Branch currently sponsors almost 250 children being educated in various schools all over the country. This is in addition to the scholarships that are granted to the day scholars in The Mother’s International School and Mirambika Free Progress School etc. The sponsored children are taken specifically from low income groups and as far as possible their education is in good village boarding schools in their own state so that they have no language problems, and the entire expense for their tuition, boarding, lodging, training, books, clothes, travel expenses, etc. is paid by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch.

The Ashram has also adopted a few schools in villages, both adivasi and backward areas. The schools are provided with books, clothing games, sports equipment and whatever else we can give from time to time. For instance, throughout the year the children of Delhi schools donate clothes, books, toys and games, which are in good condition but which they have outgrown, for distribution to the poor children.

There are more than 500 Sri Aurobindo Schools all over the country. Most of these schools are run by Sri Aurobindo devotees independently. 80% of these schools are in tribal, village or backward areas. Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch provides free training to many teachers from these schools in addition to free board and lodging for three years. Many of these children also attend camps in Delhi, Nainital,Madhuban and Kechla, all expenses paid.

The Ashram is on the lookout for sponsors as there is a waiting list of children who need to be sent to boarding schools. Approximately Rs. 33,000/- (USD 500) a year is required to cover all expenses of one child, which may be shared by more than one Sponsor. The ideal however would be to give Rs. One lac for 3 (USD 1,500) children, thus helping reduce paper work.

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