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How to Practice Kindness in Your Day-to-Day Life

Kindness is something that’s appreciated by all cultures and religions despite their beliefs. It’s an art that, when mastered, can help build meaningful relationships and good connections. Not only that, kindness can add more confidence, self-worth, and happiness to help you lead a better life. A lot of times kindness manifests into giving back to the society as well. 


The benefits of living a kind life are endless. This must make you wonder about some of the ways by which you can practice kindness in your day-to-day life. If yes, then here’s how you can do so: 

Give Compliments to People

People appreciate compliments. And when you are giving compliments to someone, you are making their day. Whenever you see someone looking good or doing good in life, let them know about your positive feedback.

Keep Your Phone Away!

Paying attention to people’s words doesn’t only make you kind but also wiser. It is, in fact, rude to keep scrolling your screens while someone is talking. Keep your phone aside for once and talk.  

Smile and Small Talk

As we all are living busy lives, it’s understandable when you don’t get much time for long conversations. In that case, a good alternative will be to greet others with a smile and ask whether they are doing fine.  

Say Thank You When Necessary

Start saying thank you when anyone helps you. This is applicable to small-small situations where you ask someone about time, and they respond. Your salutation towards them would surely make their day.  

Be Selfless and Stay in Contact

It’s extremely rude to contact people only when you need them. Keeping regular contact with people or talking with them once in a while is good practice. They feel as if someone is there who cares about them. 

Let People Know That They Made You Happy

If someone has made you happy, appreciate them and let them know how glad you are! Talk about how they have made your day better. Holding back on appreciation wouldn’t do any good. But showing them your feelings would make you and the other person happy.  

Talk to People if they are Stressed.

It’s always good to help others when they are in need. So, if you see someone stressing over something in their life, talk to them.  


Ask them to share their problems and be empathic. In most cases, a hug would also calm them down if they panic. Assure them that you are there by their side! That would surely offer them peace of mind.

Send Flowers to Your Loved Ones

You do not need any reasons to send flowers. Unexpected flowers can turn your loved ones’ bad day into a good one. You can also buy flowers for any stranger that you think is having a bad day 

Hold the Door Open

Whether it’s for an elderly, child, man, or woman, holding the door open is a great gesture of kindness. It shows that you want to make the other person’s life easier in a simple way 

Secret Help

If someone you know needs help (financially or any other way), be generous towards them. Try to help them secretly as it wouldn’t embarrass them, and they will get the things they need. You can also take part in donation programs like Auroveda, which provide meals, health care, and other resources for struggling individuals.  

Sincerely Thank the Restaurant Employees

Whenever a waiter serves you the food, make eye contact and thank them. It will be a great gesture towards them, and it will also make their day.

Let Someone Go Before You in Line

Do you think someone needs to be ahead of you? Let them go before you! If you’re at a grocery store and someone has less items to pay for, let them go ahead. Small acts of kindness make big impacts. 


To learn more about contributing positively to society, check out Auroveda Blogs. 

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