How Do Our Vocational Training Programs Help the Youth? 

Organizations like Auroveda offer several vocational training programs to provide education and training to young people who may not have access to traditional educational opportunities. While education may be a fundamental human right, there are still many regions across the globe that lack the basic infrastructure for it. These vocational training programs have been designed to train the youth with the skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in the real world. This is especially beneficial for those in extremely underprivileged scenarios as it acts as a beacon of light at the end of a dark tunnel.   

What Is Vocational Training?

Vocational education focuses on the development of technical skills for a particular job or trade. It provides you with practical knowledge as opposed to just theoretical knowledge that is provided by traditional education systems. Vocational training provides youths the opportunity to learn skills that can take them down a stable career path and can set them on a brighter future.  

In an initiative with Sri Aurobindo Ashram (Delhi, India), Auroveda helped over 2,500 youths receive skill training across multiple areas. This further helped them develop a brighter future for themselves and their families.  

How Vocational Training Helps

1. Skills Development

Auroveda’s vocational training program assists young people in developing career skills that are in great demand. These programs teach an array of skills, including computer skills,  construction, and carpentry. Youths are better prepared to obtain work and pursue jobs that are both personally and financially fulfilling if they have these abilities. 

2. Practical Experience

Vocational training programs, in addition to classroom education, provide hands-on experience. This hands-on training helps young people to use their newly acquired skills and information in real-world situations, which can boost their confidence and competence. Employers value practical experience as much as formal education, and they tend to favor individuals with real-world experience in addition to academic education.

3. Career Guidance

Our vocational training program also includes career counseling and advice. This includes helping young people in identifying their abilities and interests, exploring various career alternatives, and building a plan to accomplish their career objectives. Vocational training programs have helped young people make informed choices about their future and pursue occupations that match their passions and ambitions. 

4. Access to Employment Opportunities

Auroveda’s vocational training program has partnerships with local employers. These collaborations may provide youths with job opportunities and help them in transitioning from the classroom to the workforce. Such vocational training programs can help young people find employment and begin establishing their careers.

5. Personal and Professional Development

In addition to entrepreneurship skills development, Auroveda’s vocational training programs emphasize personal and professional growth. They provide young people with the tools and resources they need to excel in all aspects of their lives, such as communication, time management, and dispute resolution. By honing these soft skills, young people are better prepared to face job difficulties and form strong, supportive connections with coworkers and managers. 

More about Auroveda’s Vocational Training Program

The Sri Aurobindo Institute of Vocational Training, in association with Auroveda, has enabled trainees to learn skills that will forge great career paths and improve their quality of life. This multi-skilled program includes teaching them interpersonal and behavioral skills, computer skills, carpentry, welding, and a lot more!  

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