Auroveda ensures that 100% of the donations reaches the people and the donors are regularly updated on the status of the projects. Our operational costs are funded by private donors.

135Anonymous USD 10000
134Anonymous USD 19500
133Siddharth Shah USD 1000
132Rajesh Dave USD 1000
131Anil Sharma USD 750
130Nikhil Joshi USD 501
129Anonymous USD 101
128brunel joseph USD 250
127Apurva B Shah USD 250
126Dr. Ivan A. Ramos USD 100
125Anonymous USD 25
124Anonymous USD 150
123Shawn Epling USD 100
122Lerac Martinez Luciano USD 100
121Anonymous USD 1001
120Dhammika Ekanayake USD 150
119Keshav Ramireddy USD 5000
118Niraj Sinha USD 25
117Anonymous USD 200
116Marissa Valenti USD 100
114Rick Wiley Real Estate USD 300
113Dalton M Benson USD 150
112Lynda Dilts-Benson USD 150
111Anonymous USD 25
110Vinod Raxwal USD 1001
109Simrit Sidhu Banwatt USD 150
108Ramnik Banwatt USD 150
74Manjusri vennamaneni USD 1001
53Anonymous USD 100
28Kim Wiley USD 5
20Manjusri vennamaneni USD 21
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