Refugee Crisis

An Update About the Current Refugee Situation in India

We celebrate World Refugee Day every year on the 20th of June. This day is celebrated to honor the refugees who fled their home countries in search of a better and safer life. Do you know that over 2.44 lakh refugees and asylum seekers head to India every year hoping for a better life? 


We are home to Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Tibet immigrants. So, let us today discuss refugees and their current situation in India. In this blog, you will also learn how to help refugees in the country

Who is a Refugee?

Any person compelled to flee his country for fear of being persecuted for his religion, race, or nationality is called a refugee, as per United Nations. Because the risk to their life and safety is so high, they have no other option but to leave their home country and seek shelter in another country. Refugees are forced to take this drastic step because their government cannot protect them from those dangers. 

What is the Current Situation of Refugees in India?

India is a developing country that is growing at a steady pace. Both the state and union governments are doing their best to provide a homely atmosphere to the refugees. Here is a detailed report of their current situation.


Refugees in India often face problems finding work here. They are denied jobs due to irregular documents and ID proofs. This lack of financial stability pushes them to stay in slums and do odd jobs in hotels and garages.

The Indian government, in association with the top NGO, is planning to solve this issue soon, allowing the refugees to live respectable lives in the nation. Anyone can work with NGOs that help refugees. 

Communication Barriers

This is a common problem that refugees face worldwide. Communication and language barriers restrict their movement in society. They are not able to communicate in regional and national languages. Due to this issue, they often prefer staying in their closed communities only and avoiding social interactions. Many local and state authorities operate refugee help desk services to help them overcome this barrier of language and culture.

Affordable Housing Facilities

Lack of employment combined with communication barriers leads to a new challenge of finding affordable housing facilities for the refugees. Cultural and religious differences also end up playing a big role.. With the help of the Indian Government, many refugee residential areas are planned to provide safe and healthy living conditions to immigrants. Apart from this, many charitable organizations are also extending their resources to support refugees in India

Impact on Education

No permanent address to live in, lack of financial stability, and communication obstacles adversely impact the education of the refugee children. The Indian education system has introduced many national and international languages into its curriculum. Therefore, immigrant students are free to pick their languages and complete their studies in Indian institutes. Apart from this, various vocational training courses with the help of charitable organizations are also introduced to help these children overcome this issue. 

Discrimination and Racism

Some handful instances of discrimination and racism are one of the challenges that immigrants in India face. India is the largest democratic country in the world. Indian authorities are trying their best to overcome this challenge at the earliest. Moreover, impactful programs like Atmanirbhar Bharat and Adarsh Project encourage women to build a secure future for themselves and their children. 

Please note that the Indian authorities are vigilant and watch the development of immigrants. The Indian government is taking every essential measure to overcome the issues as soon as possible.

Do you also wish to make a change in the lives of the refugees? You can get in touch with the local officials and explain your contribution to uplifting their status in society.

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