Ramesh Ahir's Story

Ramesh is undergoing treatment for cyst in his left hand at the Auroveda Health Center, Jaipur under Dr. Gunjan Soni's care, homeopathic doctor treating patients at the center for the last two years.

People might often think that certain health issues like the formation of cysts can be cured only by surgeries. This in fact is not true at all and it can be very well seen in the case of Mr. Ramesh Ahir.

Mr. Ramesh Ahir is a thirty five years old individual who resides in Jaipur. He had a cyst in his left hand and he visited the center in order to seek treatment for the same. He has been seeking homeopathic treatment at the center since the last three months and in such a short span of time, the size of the cyst has significantly reduced. In fact it is barely visible now.

Mr. Ramesh is highly satisfied and happy with the services at this center. He truly believes and said that, “it isn’t a matter of money, but rather it is a matter of time.” He really appreciates the fact that such brilliant treatment is provided free of cost and that the treatment is so effective in a short time span. After having a successful treatment he also encouraged his wife to visit the center and seek treatment for thyroid. In fact, his daughter too is now seeking treatment at this health center. He believes that this health center has the best doctors and also the entire staff is very co-operative.

It can therefore be seen that every type of disease can be cured through Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment and the doctors at this center have proved the same.

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