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There are 2 million refugees forced to relocate due to rapid discrimination, oppression, and other injustices. Rehabilitation of these refugees is the need of the hour. They are deprived of their basic rights as a human being. Auroveda, through it’s Refugee Fundraising Campaign raised $75,850.48. The entire fund collected will go towards providing support to refugees in health, education, nutrition, orphans, awareness programs, empowerment of youth & women, Long Term Visas (LTV) etc. Our initiative will help them to rise against all odds and live in harmony and peace. 
The fundraiser was held at the India Cultural Center, 5511 Lynn Road, Tampa, Florida 33624. The fundraiser was to share Dr. Singh and Dr. Maria’s concerns over 200,000 refugees living across India.

Guest speaker was Dr. Omendra Ratnu, who is an ENT surgeon based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He has been working towards integration of backwards sections into main stream society. Yet another prominent speaker was Vivek Agnihotri. Mr. Agnihotri is an award-winning film maker, author, and a free thinker. He is a very popular public speaker on socio-political issues and lectures on creative thinking and innovation in top global institutes.

Campaign objective

Once the MIND gets cleared, it can provide the SEED for the evolution of the spirit.

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