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Auroveda Healing Center

Auroveda aspires to open 100, 000 centers that focus on healing, learning, and nourishing the mind, the body and the spirit. These kendras will act as community centers, supported and built locally as centers of excellence in health care, education, organic farming, vocational training, upskilling, handicrafts and handiwork, and advanced innovation.
The healing centers will specialize in indigenous modes of healing, such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, and Unani medicine. At the same time, they will work closely with accomplished practitioners of Western Medicine to provide holistic care. Auroveda also aims to work towards helping people find solutions for mental health issues, an area that has been ignored for too long in India. The centers hope to achieve this goal by targeting the social, economic, cultural and psychologic malfunctions that have developed in our society over time.

Our programs include:

School Health Care Program
Adolescent Menstrual Health & Hygiene Program
Vision Care Program
School Nutritional Program
Community Health Program
Elderly Health programme
Elderly Health programme

The desired outcomes of these programs are:

-Offering affordable and accessible healthcare facilities for the underprivileged.
-Promoting preventive self-care and risk reduction through conducive lifestyle choices
-Ensuring proper nutrition as well as holistic health services for both mother and child

-Reducing infant mortality rate through immunization and nutrition

-Implementing solutions to reduce mortality among young and middle-aged adults, including adolescents.
-Disseminating sex education and knowledge about safe motherhood
-Reducing child mortality rate by emphasizing the importance of protecting children from infections and giving them proper nutrition
-Emphasizing the importance of pro-preventive care as part of overall health care.

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