Om Grown Community Garden

Community gardens offer more than just beauty; they encourage healthy living, education, and relaxation in a safe space, which is why we decided to create our own.

Om Grown Community Garden provides sustainable gardening education and promotes the growth of high-quality, organic, and nutritious food in our community.

What We Do

We use gardening as a way to bring people of all ages together and to promote healthy lifestyles. Our purpose is to promote the environmental, social, health, and economic benefits that stem from a community garden. Spending time in nature is great for your health. Gardening brings people together while spreading awareness about the benefits of fresh, locally grown produce.

Our garden has many amenities such as nature walk paths, a produce wash station, ADA accessible areas, shaded picnic areas, a designated children’s play area, and more! Gardeners will gain a sense of community and accomplishment through our free garden workshops and various events that are open to the public.

Our garden operates on the organic method of gardening, which means all gardening is done without non-organic pesticides, fertilizers, rodenticides, and herbicides. Only organic cultural practices are permitted in our garden.


Let us help you learn sustainable gardening practices and enrich your life with all that nature has to offer. The OM Community Garden membership comes with many perks including a raised 5×5 garden bed, soil and nutrients, shared hand tools, irrigation, advanced notice for special workshops, garden education, and much more.

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