Mathur’s Story

For Mr. Mathur, nothing is greater than the honor of his country. He risked his life every day at the border for 30 years and is proud to have done so.
After retirement, he looked forward to spending his aged years with his family and inspiring the younger strengths in his house with his unflinching devotion to the soil that raised him.
Even in his grimmest imagination, Mr. Mathur could not have anticipated being stripped away from the comfort of his family not because of the enemy’s bullet but due to symptoms of an excruciating blood infection now running through his veins. His life had come to a halt.
His five-month-long hunt for relief showed no hope as doctors couldn’t correctly diagnose his ailment, let alone cure him.
When all hope was lost, Mr. Mathur stumbled upon Auroveda Healing Centre with the help of his old-time friend.
After being properly diagnosed, Auroveda Healing Centre curated a treatment plan for Mr. Mathur that improved his condition by 99%.
He believes that it wasn’t just the medicines with no side effects but also the friendly staff and holistic care that made his journey to recovery much easier.

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