L.N. Manavtal's Story

Mr. L.N. Manavtal is a seventy six year old man who has been undergoing treatment for gastric ailments at the Auroveda Health Center, Jaipur. He is being looked after under the supervision of the in-house ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma who has 20 years of rich Ayurvedic experience under his belt.
A patient’s faith in the methods used to conquer their illness is directly proportional to the rapidity with which they can see and feel signs of recovery. Also, the level of trust in the accuracy of a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan increases manifold if the results of the therapy are quick. Such conviction increases the probability of patients being cured completely. At the Auroveda Health Center in Jaipur, many patients have stories of full recovery to tell. One such satisfied patient is L.N. Manavtal.
Even at the ripe old age of seventy six years, Mr. Manavtal is a man full of hopes and dreams. The only thing that has ever acted as an annoying hindrance to his enthusiasm for life is a long history of gastric problems that have assailed him for sixty out of his seventy six years. After suffering for so long, Mr. Manavtal finally found a saviour in Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma at Auroveda. Within a short span of time after commencing treatment, Mr. Manavtal began noticing signs of improvement in his condition. Over just a few months, Dr. Sharma’s treatment has shown its magic and Mr. Manavtal has finally started feeling absolutely fit and fine and ready to take on the world. In fact he was so pleased with the service he received at Auroveda that he has encouraged his daughter in law too to consult the doctors at Auriveda for her health issues.
It is people like Mr. Manavtal who stand as living testimonials for all the hardwork put in by the doctors at Auroveda. With a deep rooted passion for public service, these doctors spend their days helping those who have been suffering for years without any relief in sight.

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