L.N. Manavtal's Story

Seventy year old Mr. Manavtal is undergoing treatment for stomach related issues at the Auroveda Health Center, Jaipur under Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma. Currently, he is completely free of his ailments.

To develop the faith of the patients in the healing process is very much necessary and that is possible only when the patients can notice signs of recovery in themselves. Since there are such experienced doctors at the center, all their patients have had a successful treatment and are very satisfied as well. Many patients have shared their stories of recovery and successful treatment and described how their experience has been at this center.

I spoke to Mr. L.R. Manavtal who is a seventy six years old individual residing in Jaipur. He had been facing severe issues related to stomach for about sixty years and had consulted many renowned allopathic doctors to find a solution to his ailment. However, despite conducting a number of medical tests, none of them could find a solution to Mr. Manavtal’s problem and gave up on him.

It was then that Mr. Manavtal decided to visit this health center and seek treatment from Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma, a renowned Ayurvedic doctor. Within a very short span of time, Mr. Manavtal witnessed signs of recovery and now is completely free of his ailments. He is highly satisfied with this treatment because since the last sixty years, he had been suffering from this problem and none of the allopathic doctors could treat him but the doctors at the Auroveda health center not only cured his ailment but also did it in a very short time span.

His daughter-in-law sought treatment at this health center as well. This case is evident of the fact that the doctors at the Auroveda health center can solve chronic ailments through their expertise and knowledge in the fields of Ayurveda and homeopathy.

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