Kamlesh Garg's Story

Kamlesh Garg is a patient who has found great relief from old age related illnesses thanks to the services provided by the doctors at the Auroveda Health Center. This is how her story goes.
The past sixty years that Kamlesh Garg spent building a life for herself and her family had been a mixed bag of ups and downs. Now, in the prime of her life when everything seemed to be in order, there was one nagging problem that bothered her. She constantly suffered from constipation, a condition that was not only painful by itself but could also give rise to many other ailments that she didn’t want to touch with a bargepole. To nip the problem in the bud Kamlesh consulted the able doctors at Auroveda and promptly received free of charge consults as well as medication.
In a matter of two weeks her condition improved infinitely and she began feeling healthier and full of life yet again. Kamlesh is very grateful to the staff at Auroveda for helping her resolve the her health concern and giving her the medical support she needed, that too without attaching a hefty price tag to it.
Kamlesh is so satisfied with the warm and friendly environment at Auroveda and the medical expertise of the doctors who work there that she has recommended it to many ailing family members too. Kamlesh Garg is one of several people who have knocked on Auroveda’s doors looking for affordable medical aid have received not just free care but also compassion and empathy as well.

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