Avinash’s Story

Avinash Kumar is undergoing treatment for kidney stones under Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma’s care at the Auroveda Health Center in Jaipur. Both Avinash and his mother who was treated for chronic joint pain at the Center are huge fans of the clinic and Dr. Sharma.
It is a gross misconception that Ayurveda and Homeopathy have no answers for complex medical conditions like kidney stones. Avinash Kumar, a 23 year old patient at the Auroveda Health Center, is a living example of how effective such treatments can be for stubborn kidney stones.
Avinash was diagnosed with stones of varying sizes in both his kidneys in December 2017. He had two 5mm stones in his left kidney and two 6mm stones in his right kidney that were causing him gut- wrenching abdominal pain for quite some time. Avinash was asked to get operated immediately so that the stones could be removed. The idea of going under the knife scared Avinash tremendously. This fear made him decide to visit Auroveda instead, where, he had heard, kidney stones were eliminated without any surgical intervention.
Under the expert guidance of Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma, Avinash began treatment for his condition and within a short span of three months the stones in his right kidney had vanished completely. However, since Avinash had been unable to follow Dr. Sharma’s instructions to the T, the stones in his left kidney were still present albeit with smaller dimensions. At this point, Avinash consulted the Homeopathic doctor, Dr. Gunjan Soni, at Auroveda. With Dr. Soni’s help Avinash was able to get rid of the remaining stones in his left kidney as well.
Today, Avinash is free of all his kidney-related health problems. He sings praises about Auroveda’s empathetic and friendly environment. He believes that the pain-free life he lives today is all thanks to the care he received at Auroveda.

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