Avinash's Story

Avinash is undergoing treatment for kidnney stones at the Auroveda Health Center, Jaipur under Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma's care, an ayurvedic doctor with over 20 years of experience. His mother was also cured of her joint pains and is a big advocate of the clinic

Many people often believe in a misconception that Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatments take a lot of time to cure a disease and also it is not possible to cure complex diseases like kidney stones. However, the doctors at the Auroveda health center have been successful in curing patients who had stones in their kidneys and it definitely did not take years to cure them. An example of such an effective treatment can be seen in the case of Mr. Avinash Kumar.

Mr. Avinash Kumar is a twenty three years old individual who had stones in his kidneys. In an interview with him, I asked him about his illness as well as his experience at the health care center. He described his ailment and said that he used to have a regular stomach ache due to which he got medical tests done in December, 2017.The tests revealed that he had two stones in his left kidney, each being 5mm in size and two stones in his right kidney as well, both of them being 6mm in size.

He then visited the Auroveda health center this year in January, after his mother advised him to do the same. Since he was not willing to get operated, he decided to visit this center because his mother was aware of the fact that the treatment provided here results in complete elimination of the stones and does not require an operation. He started his treatment immediately at the center under Dr. Hanuman’s guidance and within three months he witnessed that the stones in his right kidney were no more. Since he did not follow all the precautions as suggested by the doctor, the stones in his left kidney were still there. However one of the stones in the left kidney had reduced to 4mm in size.

He then started taking homeopathic treatment under Dr. Gunjan’s guidance and within a month and a half; the stones in left kidney were also removed. He is very satisfied with the treatment provided because it took very less time to get him free of his ailment and he did not have to go through an operation either. He says that the atmosphere at the clinic is very nice and all the doctors and the staff are very co-operative. His mother too has been seeking treatment at this center since about a year and is recovering at a very fast pace. Earlier, she couldn’t walk or perform the regular household chores but now she is able to do the same. Also, she advises her family members and friends to visit the center because of the highly effective treatment that is provided. Mr. Avinash also says that the center provides free of cost medicines which actually are very expensive.

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