In Sanskrit, the healthy person is called svastha, a word comprising sva, meaning self, and sthita, meaning established in. Thus, health in the Yogic sciences is defined as being established in oneself.


We invite you to an intensive three-days retreat on integral health and wellbeing. This retreat is designed for all those who wish to work consciously towards long-term wellbeing and health and learn potent Yogic ways of self-healing and self-renewal.

This retreat is based on the psycho-spiritual science and methods of Integral Yoga and combines traditional time-tested streams of Yogic healing and contemporary mind-body thinking. The course initiates a longer-term healing and health process and offers intensive post-retreat follow-up for all interested and committed participants.

The retreat draws extensively upon Ayurveda (the traditional Indian science of life and wellbeing, ayur = Life, veda = knowledge or science of), Pranayama (the Yogic art of breathing) and Yoga (the discipline of mind-body meditation and mastery). 


The course of the retreat will take the participant typically through the three fundamental Yogic processes of deep level healing and well-being: 

  • Suddhi (Purification): The course will begin with an intensive purification process aiming at a conscious emptying and cleansing of the mind-body (including the more fundamental levels of the nervous system and the life force: nadi-suddi, pranasuddhi).
  • Shanti (Calm and peace): Once the process of purification is initiated, the participant is taken through an intensive process of meditation and inner concentration to open the consciousness to deeper levels of peace and calm. In the Yogic sciences, peace and calm are the absolute bases of health and wellbeing.   
  • Arogya Sadhana (The Practice Of Sustained Wellbeing And Health): This is a lifelong process and entails the participant’s long-term commitment. This retreat seeks only to bring the participant to the threshold of this very powerful process and offers a post-retreat follow-up for a certain period of time after which the process  becomes, or should become, more or less self-sustained.

The retreat includes meditative art, dance and music as part of the healing and renewal  process and addresses issues of stress and lifestyle related diseases, long-term illnesses, psychological and nervous problems at a deeper level of consciousness.

Note: This program is independent of other medical interventions and therapies and will not contradict any other system of healing or medicine.

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