This Course is meant for teachers who want to get out of the typical “teaching” mode and explore newer and more creative ways of educating; teachers who are yearning for a deeper change in themselves as well as in the schooling system, and longing for personal excellence, deeper meaning and joy.

Though this course primarily addresses the issues of teaching, learning and schooling, it relates equally to personal growth and change, to issues of excellence, creativity and innovation both in personal life and in teaching and learning.

The course is intensive and demanding and will benefit those who feel deeply committed to their inner growth as a human being and as a teacher.


  • Self awareness in life and work
  • Personal change and growth: Working from within
  • The practice of facilitation
  • The dynamics of facilitation & empowerment
  • The learning process and how to draw out the best
  • Information processing and assimilation
  • Developing faculties and skills for independent learning
  • Feedback and Evaluation Strategies
  • Discipline, self discipline and responsibility
  • Creativity in the classroom
  • Creating and managing educational resources

Course Duration: 5 days off-site residential

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