To facilitate a progressive transformation of existing learning programs and cultures in mainstream schools to enable a more enlightened, learner-friendly and creative education system based on some of the principles of integral education.

This program is meant for schools that are no longer satisfied with the assumptions and practices of mainstream schooling and want to break out of the box, and are willing to bring about radical changes in their educational thinking and practices.

The Auroveda program will take up the entry level classes (Nursery, KG and Class I) and introduce in them the integral learning system over a period of two to three years. These changes will be introduced in a phased manner, keeping in mind the levels and involvement of the management and faculty.

However, some significant effects of the learning program will be apparent in the children within the first year itself, giving the management and teachers a firmer base to proceed with the transformation program.

An intensive workshop to introduce the school to the transformation process. This workshop is designed to present the whole idea and practice of progressive learner-centered integral education in all its aspects and ramifications.

We recommend that this workshop is attended by the school management, faculty and parents, and even other educational experts who can understand the technical aspects of the process.

One full day workshop which will include an extensive presentation on the integral learning system followed by a question-answer session with the participants regarding pedagogical, curricular and other practical details of the integral system.

This will be introduced if the school, following the initial workshop, decides to engage with Auroveda in the transformation process and is willing to accept the initial conditions of the program.

The initial conditions being:
That the school be ready to make the necessary changes in its existing system of learning and teaching to enable the new process to take root;
And that the school be ready to give at least a one year commitment to try out the system. One year is the minimum period in which any significant changes in the children can be seen and felt.


  1. Four five-day workshops with the faculty spread out over a year. These workshops are designed to provide an intensive theoretical and extensive practical training for the teachers. At least two of these workshops will be conducted at any of our Learning Centers in Mumbai / Nainital / Delhi / Chandigarh, depending on the geographical location of the school.
  2. Course material (online and offline) will be provided to the teachers to reinforce and assimilate what has been learnt and to enable effective practice. Teachers will be expected to submit assignments online and one-on-one feedback will be provided on that basis.
  3. An Auroveda facilitator will monitor classroom work and provide feedback to the teachers to further enable more effective assimilation in the teachers.
  4. Classroom monitoring and feedback is continued at regular intervals which are pre-scheduled.
  5. Auroveda will help the school evolve a curriculum with the teachers and also facilitate the transaction of the curriculum. Evaluation strategies will be worked out jointly by the teachers and the Auroveda facilitators.
  6. Throughout the program, Auroveda facilitators will conduct periodic sessions with children to demonstrate some of the integral practices to the teachers as part of the hands-on training.
  7. Auroveda will conduct a series of orientation workshops with the parents to bring them to an understanding of how exactly the system works.
  8. The teachers are taken by Auroveda, at least once during the year, to at least one school where a similar education is being practiced so that the teachers can get a first-hand experience of how it all happens.
  9. A periodic feedback report is provided to the principal/management during the program to keep everyone concerned in the loop about the progress and/or difficulties of the real implementation of the program.
  10. The actual program modules will be customized and prepared keeping in mind the specific needs of the school before the program commences.

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