Excellence is a way of life, a quality of being that we bring to all that we are and do. We grow into excellence the way we grow into wisdom: there are no short-cuts or ready-made formulae. But there is a system, a science and a technology of attaining excellence in life and work based on the realization and application of the highest consciousness that all of us possess in ourselves but are mostly unaware of. This consciousness, higher and vastly more potent than the mental-rational consciousness we are used to, is the key to human genius, to all great achievements in life, to all real human success, fulfillment, health and prosperity.

Most of our lives, we use only a fraction of this higher consciousness, which is our real but untapped potential of being. We live trapped in the belief that we are limited and mediocre in our capacities, a belief drilled into us since our earliest years. Only some of us, either through sheer luck or extraordinary training and education, can manage to break out of our self-limiting beliefs and discover what we are really capable of achieving in our lifetime.

Self-actualization is the systematic process of realizing and learning to use this power of consciousness, this extraordinary potential and capacity we possess in ourselves. It is not an easy process, of course: it demands tremendous effort and self-discipline: but once we get started on it, there is no turning back.

The Course we are offering draws from the principles and practices of Yogic systems evolved over generations to realize and master the innate powers and capacities of the human mind and body to achieve extraordinary levels of self-mastery and excellence in thought and action.


Day One

This module will explore the conceptual framework of the course and bring the participants to the initial stages of the practice. The stress of this module is on intellectual clarity and emotional acceptance of the practice of self-actualization. This is a crucial step as those who wish to practice self-actualization need to fully grasp the psychological and practical implications of the whole process.

Days Two & Three

This module will bring the participants to the practices of excellence and self-actualization in personal, professional, corporate and business practices. Although the workshop will touch upon issues of day to day management, team dynamics, leadership and stress, it will go deeper into professional and corporate issues to bring the participants to the root issues of personal consciousness and life.

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