The most effective learning takes place when the learner is actively involved in his or her learning process. Conventional teaching, driven by the necessities of a syllabus and the examination, tends to depend heavily on the textbook and the teacher and thus reduces the learner to a passive role. Most teachers and parents are frustrated by the fact that even so-called high performers do not assimilate much of what they learn and levels of post-examination retention and creative application of conceptual knowledge are extremely low.

Most students, teachers and school leaders are well aware of the nature of this difficulty and are increasingly looking for more meaningful alternatives to school education.

“Learning by doing” is a course that offers a meaningful and creative solution to the interrelated problems of schooling, teaching and learning. It introduces and elaborates, through theory and practical training, the concept of independent research based learning by using research work and training of cognitive faculties as primary pedagogy.

This course is specifically designed to facilitate the innovative teacher’s transition to a dynamic and creative way of learning and teaching within the given parameters of an examination oriented system.


  • The nature and process of Learning
  • From information to assimilation
  • Information Processing
  • Accessing and resourcing Information
  • The dynamics of research
  • Developing research skills
  • Mind mapping and study skills
  • The Project Work Methodology for independent learning
  • Developing faculties and skills for independent learning
  • Feedback and Evaluation Strategies
  • Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Research based Project Work

Course Duration: 5 days off-site residential

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