Education begins with the teacher: a truly effective teacher is worth more than all the facilities, resources and finances put together. We need teachers who understand, who are thinkers and visionaries. The challenge is to create such teachers.

Teaching begins with one’s self: unless one has one’s own light, one cannot be a light to anyone else. This is the basis of our educational courses. This course begins with a personal journey within—what does it mean to be a teacher? Why does one want to teach? How does learning happen? And goes on deeper into issues of schooling, education, life and growth.

The course attempts to offer not just a vision but the practical dynamics of an education system based on principles of an enlightened life.


  • Self-awareness in life and work
  • Personal change and growth: Working from within.
  • Interpersonal relationships and communication
  • The concept and components of Integral Education
  • Practicing Integral Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • The Integral Pedagogy
  • Feedback and Evaluation Strategies<.li>
  • Human values in Education and the Free Progress approach<.li>

Course Duration: 5 days off-site residential

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